Mango MOyen

Hey there! I'm Gram and I like to draw groovy animal people!

Commission Prices and examples


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Be sure to visit that page before commissioning me!

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  • Bust 10$

  • Half Body 15$

  • Full Body 20$

  • additional characters +7$

Flat Lined

  • Bust 25$

  • Half Body 30$

  • Full Body 35$

  • Additional Characters +10$


  • Bust 40$

  • Half Body 50$

  • Full Body 57$

  • Additional Characters +25$


  • Chibis start at 20$

  • Additional Characters +10

Reference Sheets

  • Start at 60$ ( includes front and back view/ one head shot/ color pallet/ name ect.

  • Priceing varies on the elements added!


  • Posca badges start at 30$

  • Watercolor badges start at 45$

☆Feel free to send a message if your curious about something you don't see listed!☆

Pricing Listed above for all commission options are the base prices and are subject to increase depending on character complexities and or other elements of the piece!
☆Read my TOS for more info☆

Terms of Service

Thank you for your interest in my art!
I appreciate you taking the time to review my TOS and look forward to working with you!

I reserve the right to terminate or decline a commission at any point if these terms are violated!

Pieces are completed in a 1-3 week turnaround time window depending on your commission.

Updates and WIPs are sent throughout the commission process!

Sketch WIPs are given to be approved before I continue.

More progress shots can be sent at clients’ request anytime during the commission.

Three complementary edits are given from start to completion. Additional edits will cost an additional fee(s).

Edits that are due to artist’s error, (eye color, missing markings, etc), are of no charge.

Refunds are not given past sketch approval.

Price of commissions are subject to increase with the complexity of characters and amount of details included in the piece.

An accurate quote will be given once a character reference and all details are given.

Clear character reference is REQUIRED to be provided by the client.

An unshaded reference sheet with multiple views is prefered.
NSFW references and reference sheets are acceptable!

If there is not a reference sheet available, provide as much art and description as possible.

Completely Written descriptions of characters are accepted for reference sheet commissions only.

Characters commissioned must be yours! Unless the owner of the character you’re commissioning gives explicit permission that getting art of that character is permitted.

Clients are responsible for providing necessary details pertaining to the commission for the best possible result!

I have a job outside of commission work that may affect my response times. Thank you for your patience in advance!

I am not available for WIPs and commission updates from 3-6 pm on weekdays and will try to promptly contact you after those hours!

Commission related messages are responded to in 24 hours at latest unless stated otherwise (vacation,emergency, hiatus)

Clients are responsible for providing a valid address for receiving mailed badges and other mailed items!

I am not responsible for any lost or misplaced items due to an invalid address.

Shippings fees will vary based on location and will be calculated at the beginning of a badge commission.

Commissions will only be taken for personal use at this time.

Completed commissions may be posted for advertisement purposes if this will be an issue for you please do not hesitate to let me know!

DO NOT claim completed commissions and sketches as your own, please give credit if posted.